Application procedure

Local patients Local patients

Intended applicants for haemodialysis service please contact our Centre staff first, tel: 3996 9800, and then download and complete the application form, together with related medical record, blood test report, treatment record and other materials, send them to us by email: or by fax: 39969778. After evaluation by our medical team, we will arrange the applicant to meet our nephrology specialist. Successful applicants may start haemodialysis treatment service at our Centre in approximately one month.

Haemodialysis Treatment Application Form

Overseas patients Overseas patients

Visitors (travelling, visiting relatives or on business) who need haemodialysis service during their stay in Hong Kong may contact our Centre before arriving in Hong Kong, and complete the following application form at least one month before your arrival in Hong Kong. Please also provide the medical certificate and related information by email or fax to our Centre to arrangement appointment. The maximum length of short-term haemodialysis service is three months.

Overseas patient application form for short-term haemodialysis