Treatment fees

Renal patients generally need to receive haemodialysis treatment twice or three times a week. Patients need to pay a one-time HK$6,000 deposit (which will be returned when patients no longer require service at the Centre). Furthermore, patients have to pay a fee in cash or cheque before accepting the dialysis service each time.

The fees of our haemodialysis treatments are as follows: (They were slightly adjusted in January 2023; please contact our medical staff for more information)

Treatment Price
Long-term - standard treatment Each time HK$1,280 (must pay deposit HK$6,000)
Long-term-HDF treatment Each time HK$1,650 (must pay deposit HK$6,000)
Short-term (less than 3 months) Each time HK$2,300 (must make an appointment each time but no need to pay deposit)

The above fees include:

  • Disposable standard artificial kidney
  • Infusion Tube
  • Dialysate
  • Tubing Set
  • 1L Saline
  • anticoagulant (e.g. heparin)
  • AV Fistula Needle Set
  • Dressing Set
  • Doctors’ ward round charge (depends on doctors’ward round time)

The above fees do not include:

  • Medication, laboratory test and oxygen


  1. The above charge may be revised at any time without advance notice. Patients using our Centre’s service should confirm the fees and terms of our service with our staff member before receiving the service.
  2. If patients do not arrive at the Centre at the scheduled time for haemodialysis treatment, please inform our nurses at least 15 minutes in advance of the scheduled time; otherwise patients must pay HK$500 prescribed medicine and material expenses.
  3. Renal patients are at liberty to go to private or the public hospitals for further treatments, medication and blood tests. Our Centre will not provide referral service.

* Our Centre reserves the right to change the above terms. Please inquire with our staff for more detail about the service fees.