Council Members’ Aspirations

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Honorable Chairman---Mr. Addy Wong Wai-hung MH

Looking deep inside this prosperous city, there are always people who are in difficulty and who require help and support. Our Centre has been trying our best to provide a warm environment as well as effective dialysis service.

Recently, I heard that one of our patients has received a kidney transplant and is now restoring health to continue a normal life. This is one of the greatest news for all of us. We hope that we can safeguard the health of each patient and let them face their life positively.

Through the care extended to the patients by our Centre and the service from our professional medical team, we empower patients to walk comfortably in their recovery path. Meanwhile, seeing joy from our patients is the return for us.

Council Chairman Ms. Ivy Lam Suk-tong

Establishment of our Centre realises the principle of serving the community through cooperation between commercial organisations and community bodies which is encouraged by the government.  Having the objective of We Love We Care, we gained support and donations from various parties within two year, allowing us to be able to purchase the dialysis machines, dialysis chairs and other facilities, and eventually establish the Centre. The process has been extremely difficult; it is also important for us to choose Wan Chai as the location of our Centre. We hope all patients can return to their normal work or life after receiving treatment.

In fact, there are many patients with renal failure who need dialysis treatment and many of them are facing heavy financial burden. We will keep up our efforts to towards our goal of providing inexpensive treatment 11,856 times every year.

Councillor Mr. Alex Tang Yee-man

The executive committee of the Centaline Charity Fund wishes to respond proactively to problems in our community and support those in need of help.

Setting up this dialysis centre with Power of Love is one of its enormous charitable projects.  We used nearly HKD10 million to equip this Centre with advanced dialysis instruments and hire many professional nurses and staff.  As the Centre only charges a low fee, it is also a big challenge to deal with the Centre’s financial needs and expenses.

In fact, only one-third of the renal failure patients in Hong Kong may receive haemodialysis treatment. Therefore we maintain our vision to provide service with love and action and to eliminate obstacles, with a view to benefiting more renal patients and raising the awareness in the community about helping those in need.