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Up25a下e25 On:2013-10

I am a volunteer. After my retirement I have been participating in the “treatment accompanying” service offered by community organisations; as such I meet many patients with serious renal failure who need hemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis. I know most of these patients cannot choose hemodialysis because of financial difficulty. This makes them stranded at home almost all day long. I once heard that your Centre charges cheaper than other private centres or hospitals and the location is convenient, so I recommend some patients to apply for treatment here.

I wholeheartedly hope that the government and community organisations can consider patients’ needs by rendering the assistance in the medical service or providing them with financial assistance in order to reduce their pain.


Up23a下e23 On:2013-09

Birth, Aging, Sickness and Death are stages of life that all of us must go through in our life. Some say death is the most fearful, but I say that having sickness is the biggest suffering. People become fragile when they are suffering from illness so they need our help and support. However, some people cannot obtain the appropriate treatment due to financial problem.

People who unfortunately suffer from renal failure basically must undergo long term treatment unless they receive renal transplant to be healthy again. During their wait, they have to receive dialysis treatment. Most patients hope to receive hemodialysis blood washing service, but this long-term expense is hard to withstand. I hope that there are more voluntary organizations to help this group of patients to obtain the appropriate treatment, so that the patients feel warm and have the tenacity to overcome the illness. I hope your Centre can maintain the perseverance to support these patients.  Cheers!