Renal patients and their family members’ aspiration

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Uncle Ming

Up19a下e19 On:2016-04

I am currently 77 years old, having renal failure due to diabetes after retirement. The dialysis treatment provided by private hospital costs $3,000 each time. After inquiring with my children, I knew that this centre charges cheaper, so I was referred to this centre to receive treatment three times a week. The nurses here are very caring, the environment is comfortable, and the nurses often give me diet advice to control my conditions.


Up19a下e19 On:2016-04

I have hereditary diabetes and suffer from renal failure after just getting married. Feeling helpless, I discovered that the fee charged by this centre is the cheapest. Therefore I applied to the center for dialysis treatment.  Now it’s been more than one year, the nurses here are nice and I feel energetic after receiving treatment. However during this period I feel exhausted and my eyes suffer from yellow spot dropsy, so I can’t continue working. I am now over 30 years old and my husband bears my medical expenses of more than HK$10,000 per month.  I am worried.

Ah Ho

Up19a下e19 On:2016-04

I am an architect. I started suffering from renal failure more than ten years ago. At the beginning I received treatment in a private hospital, costing more than HK$4,000 each time.  Later I received treatment from another privately-run dialysis centre.  I transferred to this centre three years ago as the fees are more bearable. It is lucky that my employer is accommodating and allows me to work normally. While I can still manage financially, for patients who lack savings, it is very difficult for them to bear the huge long term medical expenses. I hope that the governments can give patients more resources and subsidies.

Auntie Kwan Ho

Up17a下e17 On:2013-06

I have had hypertension for more than ten years and suffered from renal failure last year. 


Because the waiting list for dialysis treatment at Eastern Hospital was very long, I had no choice but to receive treatment at the more expensive private dialysis centre.  One day, my daughter discovered this non-profit making dialysis centre online. Then I started coming here for treatment twice a week. The centre is near to my home, the facilities are comfortable and the nurse and staff are caring. Once I felt my foot cramping, the nurses helped me massage immediately. After receiving dialysis treatments here, I feel more energetic! What is the most important, it costs only HK$800 per time here (with the subsidy) but it costs more than HK$1,000 elsewhere. This relieves my daughter's economic burden greatly and I feel thankful to this centre. I hope that the society can give the renal patients more help.

Uncle Kwok

Up17a下e17 On:2013-03

I am 84 years old.  I have been recommended to this center from my doctor for already two months. I live in Lam Tin; my daughters and sons will take me here in turn. I have dialysis treatment here twice a week and then I feel energetic afterwards. It only costs $800 per time with the subsidy and the nurses here are good. It takes me 5 hours to receive treatment every time so I read newspaper and watch TV shows to kill time.

Mr. Li

Up17a下e17 On:2012-08

I underwent a heart surgery before and I have hypertension. I later suffer from renal failure. Now, I both receive treatment here and go to public hospital for subsequent check-ups. It is great that the doctor in the hospital and the doctor here communicate and understand my condition well, which makes me feel relieved.  As a patient weak in immunity, the comfortable environment her makes me feel relaxed. I am a merchant with a busy life, the Wi-Fi system in the center allows me to connect with the outside world during treatment. After dialysis, I return to the company energetically to continue my work. The nurses here are very kind and treat me like my family members.

My sickness is a chronic disease. It is fortunate that my family can still support my medical expenses but for some patients, it is strenuous. I hope that the government can give patients more resources and help.